I am really honoured that you take your time and get to know something about me and my work. So what am I doing? 


I am Judith. I teach Yoga, give Grinberg Sessions and write movies. And in the meantime I try to understand the mystics of life and how we, as humans, are part of it. In other words: What makes us fully alive, strong and... happy? 


After many years of accompanying people through movement and touch I am deeply convinced that real happiness can not be found in ideas of the mind only - but in experience through our bodies. It's through our bodies that we perceive the world and connect with life. The more we are at ease, the lighter will be our thoughts, feelings and actions. Actually, it's quite simple - but sometimes we are so used to the »ten-thousand-thoughts-per-second-mode«, that we forget about our (physical) selves. 

The Yoga practice is a wonderful way to reconnect to our original state of wellbeing. In addition, the Grinberg Method teaches how to bring it into our everyday lives, beyond the yoga mat. And it's about time to get real. To get physical and live the full potential we have.


But, please remember: It's never about being perfect, but about finding intelligent ways to work with what we've got. Sometimes it might be a rather stiff body, an exploding mind and a closed heart. And that’s alright, that’s human. But as humans we also got the incredible ability to use our »physical system« to change the way we feel.


This world is an amazing place and life wants to be lived. And it will be a pleasure for me to share some of this magic with you.