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Judith Mila Durante is a yoga teacher since early 2000, Yoga Alliance educator, body therapist, screenwriter, speaker and dedicated ‘Lover of Life’. Diverse backgrounds with one goal: to make the tremendous power of the body, of thought, of being human experienceable.


Her path has also led her to different chapters in the fashion and film industry and across the world. Diverse stations in which she learned with yogis, shamans, monks, healers, celebrities and random encounters. Impulses that she shares in her teachings and that go far beyond cultural boundaries. Leading to what connects us all: Simplicity, presence, essence. 


After many years of teaching in high end studios with retreats and workshops all around the world, Judith founded her first own (yoga) company in 2018. Her newest project is Studio Atha - an inspirational universe aiming to bring the transformative knowledge about yoga, health, wellbeing out of the bubble and right into life.  

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